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apa100danita APA 100 Pager / Call / Alarm system

The danita APA 100 is a very useful model in the danita program to page/call a person. The APA 100 transmitter has 4 trig inputs, which lets the pager flash red, yellow, green or running light, together with either vibrate or a beeping sound, when a call is received. Only one transmitter can be used in a danita APA 100 system, but several receivers can be connected – all receivers will then get the same information.

the danita APA 100 is used for calling a person, e.g.: Machine operator in a factory. Assistance call at a supermarket. Nursing-home assistance. Paging from an LMR radio telephone and much more. The transmitter needs 12 VDC (power supply not included). Trig input to be connected to GND by a push-switch, a relay or other electronics for transmitting a call. The antenna must be mounted free of metal or mounted directly on a window.

Included: Receiver, transmitter, transmitter antenna, connection cable

Technical data:

  • Frequency: 433.920 MHz
  • TX power: 10mW
  • Antenna connector: 50 Ohm BNC
  • Combinations: 26 Mill
  • Modulation: FM 1.8 KHz dev.
  • Transmitter: 11-24 VDC, max 100mA
  • Receiver: 1pc. AA 1.5 V Alkaline battery

Stock number: 716

apa100-superguard apa100-transmitter