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The name danita originally comes from the company name Dansk-Italiensk Film (Danish-Italian Film), which founder Peer Kølendorf established in 1966. The company was later renamed Danitas Radio and the trademark danita was derived from this. danita is now a registered trademark in all relevant countries. Under this trademark a series of electronic communication products are produced. The company later changed its name again, this time to its current name Comitel, and danita electronics ltd (a part of the Comitel Group) now holds ownership of the danita name.

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Since 1979 the company has manufactured CB radios under the brand name danita. The products are manufactured in factories in the Far East and are marketed and sold from Denmark. Through time, the product line has been extended to include a series of electronic communication products and we continuously strive to further extend the assortment to match our customers’ needs for high quality communication products.