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Welcome to danita electronics. On this website you will find our selection of products.

1/5-16 Midtkom takes over danita
We are happy to inform you that danita electronics has been sold to Midtkom in Viborg (Jutland) Denmark. Midtkom will continue to sell the complete line of products: CB radio, Uniden scanners, APA100 pager and PMR446. See www.midtkom.dk or Danita on Midtkom.dk

Your new contact is: Benny Jacobsen, Midtkom ApS, Ølandsvej 4, DK-8800Viborg, Denmark.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call at +45 40500900 or +45 70221718.
You are also welcome to write on e-mail salg@danita.eu or benny@midtkom.dk

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Push for pager Video


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