< class="entry-title">GPS Tracker VT300

danita TY-BGPS Tracker VT300

GPS Tracker is a device that you can track where it’s gone, on yours Smartphone. It’s designed to be mounted in a vehicle or elsewhere (boat, caravan, plane, box, etc.) where there is a possibility that the device can be connected to a battery.

GPS tracker consists of a GPS unit that knows where it is, so that the position can be read on a smartphone.

If you send an SMS to the GPS tracker, it will return its positionsion, you can see on a smartphone.
Includes: DC cable, GSM antenna and GPS antenna.
SIM card not included. When you insert a SIM card, be sure that the PIN code is OFF.

VNR: 64001

Technical data:
Size: 115x60x21 mm
Weight: 140 grams
Power Supply: +9 – +36VDC, 1,5 Amp
St.By power consumption: 85 mA
Intern battery: 850mA, Lithium Ion for backup.
Frequency: GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz
GPS Shipset: GPS SIRF-Star III.

UK user manual.